Disability Sports - Game Nepal
Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Disability Sports

Disability sport, also adaptive sports or parasports are sports played by the people with the disability including physical and logical disabilities. Many disabled sports are based on accessible able bodied sports, customized to meet the needs of persons with a disability.   They are occasionally referred to as adapted sports.

 However, not all disabled sports are adapted quite a few sports that have been created for persons with a disability have no equivalent in non-disabled sports. Disability exists in four categories: physical, mental, permanent and temporary. A broad range of sports have been adapted to be played with a mixture of disabilities as well as more than a few that are unique just too disabled athletes. Surrounded by each movement, different sports are practiced at different levels; for example, not all sports in the Paralympics Games.

There is evidence to support that the use of inspiratory muscle training as a training invention can be implemented to increase the aerobic fitness, respiratory function and generally quality of life in this population of athletes. Long-standing physiological adaptations through prolonged training demonstrated contained by athletes.

Basically, sports are them are categorized into:

  • Sitting games
  • Arty smarty Games
  • Wheelchair games
  • Computer games