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Wed. Jan 20th, 2021


Sports Tourism in Nepal

Nepal, as a Sports Tourism destination carries great scope. it is one of the most amazing adventurous tourism destination  for adventure seekers as the wide range of mountain, rivers and lakes providing unlimited opportunities  for adventure activities like mountaineering ,tracking, white-water rafting, paragliding and safaris, because of its natural beauties resources; it  is developing as an eco-tourism destination for people across the globe .Nepal is the nation rich in heritage and culture that attracts half a million tourist every year .Besides its natural beauty, Nepal also has great condition for playing games .

What Game Nepal DOES?

Gamenepal works on building a friendly relationship with All Games playing nations by organizing and offering international Game events.

It is established by all sports teams and professionals to offer training and practice opportunities for aspiring game of all age. All the coaches at the playing stations of the academy are well qualified and served for the common mission of preparing professional game  by providing adequate training and skills in a positive environment .It offers well defined all game   development pathways for its students for overall development of the students as a professional sports person.

Along with playing centers and training camps Gamenepal is set to promote Nepalese sports in and out of country by organizing national and international events in and abroad.

Our plans and offers wide range of Sport tour packages to be played in interesting sport ingĂ©nues across Nepal .These tours are aimed to meet necessary learning and exposure requirement for players. Our well planned itinerary would cover not only requirements of the game to be played out but also the surrounding local through planned sightseeing visit. It provides not only an opportunity for international players to learn more about the game playing in different climatic condition but the ultimate experience of beauty and freshness of Nepal  and its people living in its geography ranging from hills to plane .We highly feel these initiatives would boost sports tourism in Nepal .